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How to introduce Yourself in Interview? What Did I say in my Interview?

How to introduce yourself in the interview? It is a very easy and simple method. Let's See Good Morning / Evening, My name is Sunil Chaudhary. I belong to Aligarh. Aligarh is known for Lock and hardware Industry. Also, for Aligarh Muslim university. In my family, I have my mother, my wife, and my daughter. In terms of education, I am BA in English, MA in English, and MBA in Information Systems. I love to learn new skills. That is why I have a great command over Office tools like MS Office and Google Sheets and Docs. Apart from these tools, I know a great deal about SEO and Digital Marketing. Let me share my experience. I have worked with great companies like OMNIA BPO and Aegis BPO where I worked in their outbound processes where used to sell Insurance and financial products. I learnt sales and communication skills there. Also, my confidence got new heights. After that, I got selected for IBM Daksh in 2007 due to my good command of the English Language. I was selected for Email Cus
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YouTube Video Lesson - How to Introduce Yourself

In This Video by Guruji English Classes, You Get Complete Guidance on How to Introduce Yourself in an Interview or in Other Situations YouTube Video Lesson - How to Introduce Yourself The first impression is the last impression - this statement holds true when it comes to introducing yourself in an interview or any other situation. A good introduction not only helps you create a positive first impression but also helps you build a rapport with the person you're meeting. If you're someone who struggles with introducing yourself or finds it difficult to articulate your thoughts in a clear and concise manner, then worry not! Guruji English Classes has got you covered. In a recent video, Guruji English Classes has provided a comprehensive guide on how to introduce yourself in an interview or in any other situation. This video is by far the most detailed and easy-to-understand video on the topic. The video covers all the essential elements of a good introduction, including your name

Learn English - Know Pandit Gurudatt Vidyarthi

Pandit Gurudatta is recognized to have been the greatest achievement of Rishi Dayananda for his ancient Aryan thoughts. Had not death cut short his scholastic career so early, the Arya Samaj and through it, the whole world of religious thought may have been considerably enriched by his contributions, of which the few he did find time to write, gave the sure promise. Pandit Gurudatta was born on 26th April 1864. His father was Lala Radhakishen Sardana of Multan whose ancestors had distinguished themselves in both letters and arms. From his grandfather, he inherited an aptitude for Persian which by a little training enabled him to dip into Persian literature. He developed a fondness for Sanskrit too in his school days. Watch Video on YouTube The first book after Sanskrit Primer, he put his hands on, was the Rig Vedadi Bhashya Bhumika of Swami Dayananda. Soon, his impatience, and irresistible zeal to read more prompted him to challenge the authorities at Arya Samaj in Multan to either mak

Develop Effective English - Read To the Message and Know How To

Develop Effective English Speaking Do Not Want to Read the Entire Blog Post, Watch The Video HERE. You need to have an impact on your learning daily, or, as I can say, multiple times a day. The most difficult part of our lives and our careers seems to be the English language. So many people are scared of English. I teach English. English is not my mother tongue. It is still very strange to me. So all of you need to think like I did to improve. If I can improve, why can't you? Is my English okay? Do you want to speak English like mine? It can easily be like mine. It is not difficult; I am also just like you. who learned English with a lot of difficulties The school doesn't matter. Hindi medium; any other medium doesn't matter; attending a convent school doesn't matter. What matters is motivation. Do you have the motivation? Let me tell you that the biggest motivation is the reason why you need to learn and master the required parts of the English language. If you find yo

Full Family Lifetime English Speaking Course Online with Certification For Rs 5000 Only

Full Family Lifetime English Speaking Course Online with Certification For Rs 5000 Only पूरे परिवार के साथ अंगेज़ी सीखें मात्रा 5000 में'जीवन भर - सीमित ऑफर Full Family Lifetime English Speaking Course For Rs 5000 Only Join Now अभी ज्वाइन करें - Read More HERE - Full Family Lifetime English Speaking Course, In this course and for a single fee, all members of your family will get access to the course. They will learn separately. Also, when all are learning, you can support each and create a good English speaking environment. Online English Speaking Course, Online Engish Speaking course is the Best English Speaking Course these as you all can learn from the comfort of your home without spending extra time and money in commuting to regular classroom lessons. We have learnt this much during Covid Lockdowns. English Speaking Course with Certification, You will get a b

New Batch For English Speaking Course in Aligarh Soon

Hello, Dear Students and Parents in Aligarh,  I would like to inform you all that I am going to start a new batch in Aligarh for English Speaking Course Soon. The Batch will run near Khereshwar Temple. So, if you are interested in improving your English Language, Communication Skills, Confidence, Personality, Earning Capability, etc, WhatsApp me HERE with your queries or questions. I would be happy to answer your queries. Please do not call. Call support is not available. If you are sincere to learn, then only join my classes. Because I want you to use your money wisely. Fee For English Speaking Course The fee is reasonable considering the quality and content of the course. So, for the First 20 Students, the Fee is Rs. 6000 for 4 Months of Course. For the Next 20 Students, it is Rs. 7000 and for others, the fee is Rs. 8000. Believe me the course content and quality of the course are world class.  You will learn a lot and will improve on multiple aspects. Also, you will learn how to mak

Use of I want you to FREE English Speaking Course Online by Suniltams Gu...

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